Take it easy #AtoZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

My post with for “T” was going to be a long and detailed post about technology, and its impact on our physical as well as mental health. I had the research sorted, but the writing still had to be done. I’ve been under the weather all weekend; couldn’t drum up the energy to write up the post yesterday and decided to take it easy and leave it until today.

When I woke up today and realised that I was unwell, I left the writing for tonight. When I tweeted out to my blog buddies that my “T” post was being delayed due to ill health, many of them responded. Something that Ashwini said though really hit home. All she said was, “Health first”. Here I was, having chosen health and wellness as my AtoZ topic, not being able to decide whether I should rest, or push myself a little harder just to get the long Technology post done. Had the whole rush of the AtoZ Challenge got me so hooked that I was willing to sacrifice my health for it?

Guess what I eventually chose to do. I went to work, left early (by usual standards), wrote this on the commute back. It will go up today, just a short few lines about nothing much in particular. Because I decided to that T for technology could wait, T for take it easy was more important today. I hope I never have to be reminded again that health comes first.


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  1. That is sound advice. I am sure a day’s taking it easy will only refresh and invigorate you even more to write a stellar piece soon. Get well soon. 🙂

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