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As I read and learn more and more along my own wellness journey, one thing is becoming increasingly clear. We tend to complicate our lives unnecessarily, sometimes to extreme levels. So much so, that time is now the most precious commodity in modern life. Life these days comes with a lot of baggage anyway. We could all do with some simplification in our lives. This is, in fact, my focus in life this year – keeping it simple.

There is tons of literature around on the idea of keeping it simple. But what does it all essentially mean? The way I see it, the general concept of simplification is common to all. Improving the value of life, by actually doing and having less. Keeping it simple allows us to live a richer life, by increasing our focus on what really matters.

How does one keep things simple in life?

At work: Ensure that you use your work hours to the maximum – make to-do lists if those work for you, avoid unnecessary meetings, keep your emails short and to the point. Outside of work hours, create boundaries so that you don’t carry work with you wherever you go. Learn to say no to impractical demands on your time. Avoid politics and unnecessary competition, because everyone’s journey is different.

At home: Declutter. Keep the things you really need and use; donate or sell off the things you don’t. Organise your schedule and get the help you need.

Socially: Learn the difference between acquaintances and friends. Make time for good friends, because they are the ones you feel happiest with. Be there for them when they need you. Walk away from relationships that are hurtful, dishonest or toxic.

Emotionally: Declutter your mind. Don’t try to focus on a hundred things at once, just stay in the present. Don’t just give importance to what someone else is saying, use your own judgement too. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Let go of past memories and thoughts that bring pain. Close whatever doors need to be closed.

Physically: Nourish yourself with simple, wholesome food. Try cooking a few meals at home. Junk the junk food and sodas. Schedule time for workouts, or sports, or any kind of exercise that makes you feel good. Take care of your body.

I have started trying to put my interpretation of “keeping it simple” into practice in my own life in small ways. I deleted unnecessary shopping apps, stopped buying new stuff randomly, and gave away a lot of things I wasn’t using. I’ve improved my work-life balance and built time in my day for working out and hobbies. I have even started cooking a few meals at home 🙂

I’ve been working at it for a few months now, and still have a lot to learn, but am now a firm believer in the philosophy of keeping it simple.

What are your thoughts on keeping it simple? What do you wish you could simplify more in your current life? I’d love to hear from you.

11 thoughts on “Keeping It Simple #AtoZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z”

  1. Keeping boundaries at work so that you don’t carry work home is very important for me. This is a wonderful list with excellent reminders.

  2. Well written post. I try to keep myself as simple as possible. Few years before I decided to try minimalist life and I am living it. I got frustrated with the materialistic world.. I do for simple dress and I don’t stock. Oh when my dress is old I go for the second one. Even the food I am particular not to waste.. Nice post and well written

  3. Hey Pooja. As usual you have hit the nail on the head. I also try to keep things simple. Try being the operative word.
    1. I don’t send more than a few minutes on FB looking at what other people do.
    2. I had uninstalled WhatsApp for over 6 months and felt at peace without the constant pinging. Now I am on it strictly to be in touch with a few select people. Most people think I am not on the platform and don’t bother me.
    3. I don’t socialize. I spend my free time watching something on YouTube or writing or painting or origami.
    4. I don’t let myself get carried away by Sales. I ask myself important Q’s before buying things: Do you need it? Is there place for it? Would I have bought it of it was not on sale? I realised I would say no to these questions repeatedly. That cut down the impulsive buying a lot.
    5. Caring what other people say – We should all be like horses with blinders. Life is complicated because we care too much about others.
    Keeping it simple is so tough. But so valuable.

    1. You’re even further ahead than me Ashwini, that’s great. I cut down on Facebook some time back, and haven’t watched television in maybe a couple of months. By the way it’s Neha 🙂

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