Finding the “why” – An exercise in happiness

What are the things that stop us from being the best that we can be? What do we know about them, and how can we fight them? Why is happiness elusive?

How do you, having acknowledged your problems, start on the way to recovery? Why is it that so many people who struggle with pain, find themselves incapable of expressing it and asking for help? Why do people struggle to achieve happiness?

How much easier would it be, if in the struggle to stay positive and happy, we had a friend to talk to and hold our hand? To remind us of the good and to encourage us through the bad. To cheer us on when we make an effort at happiness and positivity in our lives?

This blog is an outcome of these questions, and my wish to share with others around me the things about life that I am learning myself. My journey has just begun, but I am hopeful and positive that it will be a great trip.

If anything you read here resonates with you, please do reach out. The world needs positive and happy people willing to lend a hand, a shoulder, an ear, to others.

Life awaits. Here’s looking forward to better lives!


4 thoughts on “Finding the “why” – An exercise in happiness”

  1. My journey of helping others in finding their happiness started just like you, through blogging, and now I’m counselling people through mails and skype since past four years.

    Neha, you’re doing a good job. The way you explain things and connect with people through your writing is par excellence. All the best in your endeavor.

  2. this is a great initiative and I agree in today’s world, so many people struggle with finding their path to happiness. I am looking forward to knowing more about your journey and hoping to learn from it.

  3. Totally agree that the world needs positive and happy people willing to lend a hand. I look forward to reading more about the answers to have to finding happiness.

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