BlogchatterA2Z Challenge – Theme Reveal!

As I sit down to write this, a part of me still refuses to believe that I am actually going ahead with this. So far, I had only read about intrepid writers going in for the A2Z challenge every April. This year, I actually decided to join that group myself and on an impulse signed up for the BlogchatterA2Z Challenge. I, the struggling part-time blogger who has not managed to post much on her two blogs in the last couple of months. Who isn’t just working full-time, but is also in the middle of a pretty demanding post-grad course as well. Who is dealing with not one but two current health issues. Yes, I.

Sometimes, when I see fellow bloggers tweet about planning A2Z posts or even starting to write the first few, I question the sanity of my decision. What was I thinking?? Forget about writing, I don’t even have a plan in place. Okay, hyperventilating now, this cannot be good, calm down Neha…

Note to self: Breathe!!

BlogchatterA2Z Challenge Breathe
I do wonder why I felt this crazy need to add this additional pressure to my already action-packed life. But then, was it really such a crazy thing to do? Maybe not.

Over the last few months, I haven’t exactly been a joy to be around. My mother, although she loves me unconditionally (I love you too Ma), will bear witness to this. Something to do with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and my inability to deal with so many of them at the same time. Long story short, I’ve been low on physical and emotional energy, laid low by migraines and back pain and weight gain, losing confidence in my own self.

When this challenge came around, something inside me grasped at it as an opportunity. An opportunity to remind myself that I was capable of more than just existing from day to day. An opportunity to be creative, to develop a network of similar people who would share that interest, and to learn from them. To me, this is not just a writing challenge. It’s about proving something to myself. It’s about finding myself again.

So, armed with frequent reminders to myself to “breathe”, here I am, not yet prepared but yet looking forward to starting the BlogchatterA2Z Challenge. My theme? Well, given that I am spending a lot of time these days working on my own health, I suppose it’s only natural that for my theme I would pick

“The A2Z of Physical and Emotional Well Being”

Wish me luck!!

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  1. you had me at Hamlet’s soliloquoy. The A2Z is a brave challenge to take on indeed. but to take arms against the sea of troubles and finish it will bring such satisfaction at the end of it that you will be glad you asked to do or not do this one. cheesy much? ?

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