Blogchatter A2Z Challenge April 2018 – I Signed Up!

This blog was started three months ago, with the aim of using words to make a difference in at least one life. To provide a little inspiration, some motivation, maybe a little piece of advice now and then about things that matter. Then, life changed and my circumstances changed. Health suffered, and work became more hectic. I found myself unable to blog as often as I used to, as regularly as I wished to. Then I read about the A2Z Challenge.

The A2Z Challenge involves writing a daily blog post using successive letters of the alphabet starting with A, ending with Z. This happens in the month of April so the 1st of April would be dedicated to “A”, 2nd to “B” and so on. Sundays apart from 1st April are rest days; you end with “Z” on the 30th of April.  Crazy, right? Yes, that’s what my first thought was.  Yet, I signed up for it a couple of days ago.

Why have I signed up for the A2Z Challenge April 2018? I believe that taking part in this exercise will help me establish the kind of structure and schedule of writing, that I have struggled with so far. The day I signed up, I tweeted “Not sure if I’ll live to tell the tale!” Yes, I have never done this before and I am nervous. But I am telling myself that the worst that can happen is that I won’t be able to complete the challenge. And the best that can happen is that I will, in fact, manage to write 30 complete posts around my theme. Which is more than I have been able to write in the last three months. That would be quite an achievement indeed.

I am confident that the Blogchatter A2Z Challenge will help me take my blog to the next level. I am taking the Challenge of April with Blogchatter, are you?



3 thoughts on “Blogchatter A2Z Challenge April 2018 – I Signed Up!”

  1. It is a challenge, surely. But, getting to read your blogs regularly would be a delight. So looking forward to it.. 🙂

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