Hi! Iā€™m Neha. Thanks for stopping by. I started “To Better Lives” as a personal project in November 2017.

This blog is my attempt at helping myself and others build better, healthier, happier lives. It aims to become an eclectic collection of posts about wellness, productivity, positivity, relationships and all the other important things in life. Because there is far too much negativity out there, and people sometimes need a reminder that they are not alone and that life is beautiful!

So while I am not an “expert” on any of these subjects, I am a curious learner and I will be sharing with you everything that I learn as we go along. I believe that the world is beautiful and life is meant to be lived with all your energy and enthusiasm. I believe in making a difference. Most importantly, I believe that people can improve their lives, with a little help from their friends šŸ™‚

I welcome guest posts with some guidelines. To write for this blog please contact me on 2betterlives@gmail.com.

Once a month I will send out a newsletter to all those who have subscribed by email for blog updates. This monthly newsletter will be a curated mix of my top posts, inspiring writing from others, tips, reviews, productivity hacks etc. Do sign up!

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